the rumpelstiltskin condition

some of my recent drop spinning. the larger skein is paco-vicuna cria, a breed of alpaca. it is so very soft, a warm cream with a tiny bit of tawny variation (which was easier to see as a single). it spun up fairly well, with some nubby spots where i hadn't combed it well enough. i had gotten 1 oz of raw fleece, and after removing the guard hairs and vegetable matter it came to about .9 oz, 165 yds plied. the name of this alpaca is vesper. though the undercoat is a nice warm cream, the guard hairs were a reddish blonde, so it made it easy to pick them out.

the other skein is a three-ply pakucho color grown cotton, with two strands of rich cinnamon chocolate and one strand moka chocolate. this is my first three ply, mostly because these were two left over balls of singles and i had more of one than the other so i figured the best use of them was to triple ply. i haven't boiled it in baking soda water yet, so the colors aren't as deep as they can be.

i still have no clue what i'm going to use all this yarn for. for now, i'm just happy spinning it.


  1. lovely looking skeins they might be good to use all in one small piece?

  2. yes, i think so. i have a lot of creams and fawns and browns, so some type of striped or intarsia might be interesting!