spring and sap

not much happening around here lately; lazy days of spring, planting growing things, switching the bed over for warmer temperatures. i've started saving towards linen sheets, a connection to the past. that, and linen sheets last forever. i think it would be neat to monogram them with some linen thread embroidery. either i'll go highly baroque or scandinavian simple.

the orchids are blooming, the flowers only lasting a couple of nights. frilly, delicate, light, perfect.

some yarn on my drop spindle. i carded cashmere, bison, and mink to create a cooler soil hue different from the warm browns and creams i've been spinning. i've been feeling particularly absent of creative ideas lately. like i'm in a void. i know it's because i don't find myself around other creative types very often anymore, or visiting art installations. you need to feed the imagination, or it runs out of steam. hopefully a workshop will help the sap flow. too bad they're all in the fall.

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  1. just keep putting your hands in fiber and making stuff. the 3 ply cotton on and earlier post must look lovely next to this.