moving (physically, not electronically)

well, you may have noticed the lack of posts in the last month. it's only going to get quieter, as i've decided to move to california at the end of september. it's crazy scary, but something i need to do. i've been in savannah for 12 years, and it's time to put down roots somewhere else. california seems a reasonable place as any, and my cosmetology license has been reciprocated, so now the job hunt and place to live hunt is going underway. wish me luck!


  1. that's a big decision and I do wish you the best of luck. we'll be on the same bit of coast. only a month to go, do you have family/friends there?

  2. Wishing you much luck and many good adventures!

  3. i have a friend in the l.a. area, but i'm hoping to move to the monterey area. there are a lot of spas there, and the weather is more green. plus, i love the sequoia forests, and it's not too far to visit san francisco. i wish i knew someone i could couch sit for a week or so, before apartment hunting, so i could get a better feel for the neighborhoods; plus i'm finding it a little hard to find something only through the internet. but, i'll have my car with me, and lots of tea/chocolate/honey, so i'm hoping all goes well! i really love the pacific coast part of the country, plus it's only one flight away from japan, instead of three!