bits of before

i snapped some photos before i left, and have finally gotten around to posting them. the silk noil and color grown green cotton blend spun up with interesting texture and i think will stay a single. happily, the hue wasn't diluted much at all by the addition of the white silk. this is before fulling and enhancing the color by an alkaline bath.

although it has been finished for awhile, here is the silk cosy for my kuchulu spindle. bright yellow, and soft pink; the influence being from the kumihimo kaitei.


  1. so cute, my kuchulu is envious - and naked

  2. it's actually really easy to make; just create two triangles as a template (one from the tip of the shaft to the edges of the whorl, and one from the bottom of the shaft to the tips of the whorl), cut out lining and outside fabric, use some batting, sew up the edges so you have eight triangles, sew the top and bottom triangles together with a blanket stitch, then sew the four triangles together side to side, leaving bottom triangles open, add two buttons, sew a clasp, et voila! kuchulu cosy!