west coast living

well, i made it! i've been here in california for a little over a week, and am finally settling in. it's a lot to get used to, but i'm already finding places to go for interesting things, and am enjoying the farmers markets that abound here (must remember how to cook). most days are sunny, and becoming cool; which is lovely after the 90 degree+ days of the last few months.

the drive from east coast to west coast was dry, dusty, and with a hefty dose of the desert. while leaving albuquerque we watched some colorful and strangely acrobatic hot air balloons float over the city. all in all it's been a peculiar couple of weeks.

yummy fresh figs! fruit, i know what to do with, so these along with lots of strawberries, and peaches have been a sudden staple to my diet.

art makes my new space feel a little like home. the funny thing is, by being 3000 miles away from my family and nala and meiko, i realize that it's not stuff that makes a home, but the people who are in it. corny, but true.

finally happened along a tray for my teaware. trays are my new favorite thing. 


  1. happy to hear you made it safely. years ago I sailed the Calf. coast with my family. where are you?? yes, home is the people in it.

  2. monterey bay, monterey proper. i want to take a road trip up to san francisco and check out japantown, and it looks like a 2.5hr drive from here. i'm starting to get some structure to my life, which makes me feel better about this move.

  3. congratulations, anastasia. i totally lost track of your blog, and have had a fine time catching up. great good luck as you settle in.

  4. thank you! i've checked out your latest happenings, and the pina shifu asao made is really neat! his shifu coat is incredible, as well! lucky you, to attend his workshop.