modern dollhouse

i believe that a dollhouse should be a reflection of times present. it should be a mix of new and old, color and print. it should yell out your name, or whisper your style. on the first day of the new year i decided to do a major overhaul of the dollhouse my sister had given me several years ago. it did not speak to me, no matter what i put in it.

the very first thing i did was re-wallpaper the master bedroom. i chose a tiffany blue paper from Martha Stewarts' line at Michael's. from there i brought in pale pink dupioni silk curtains, coverlet, and King Louis chair. a dainty vanity and strongly colored picture provided an interesting contrast.

from room to room i went; re-wallpapering, rearranging, incorporating unlikely elements. with each new addition the place started to feel like home. she (for a home is always a she) was becoming a stronger, fresher, grander lady who finally grew into a style that spoke to who she was.

i am still working on the living room, for i wish to create dining/living areas. here is a view of my favorite corner. it will be the crafting/letter writing area.

the kitchen is drawn out on paper, it just needs to be ordered. i am planning on getting glossy white base cabinets with chrome handles and steel counters, along with steel appliances. open shelves will stand in for upper cabinets. i will be going to ELF miniatures for these.

the whole house will always be an ongoing project as i always find interesting things that would go well in there.

to see additional photos of the dollhouse please go here.


  1. This is AmaZing!! I can't believe how modern you were able to make it!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. So, I am pretty sure I could live in the room with the green chair, linen covered sofa and cool wallpaper. I knew I liked you for a reason.

  3. Your rooms look great! I am trying to work on a modern roombox myself, and was just wondering, where did you find those two black stools that you have in the upstairs room? Thanks!

  4. sorry for the late response, october is a busy month for me. i found the stools at a dollhouse store in charleston, sc (miniature memories www.memrees.com). they had cream upholstery, so i re-upholstered them. they could probably re-order them for you, they're made by bespaq.