dizzy spinning

being able to spin anywhere is a fantastic boredom buster. but there's only so much fine yarn you can spin before you want something heartier, chunkier, and more textural. maybe it's the cooler days, and darker evenings, but i'm yearning to spin thicker yarns.

enter the vera whorl and maple shaft lark spindle from jenkins woodworking, with the changeable jay rosewood shaft. yay! i first spun some bison down i had on hand (incredibly soft and springy), then some cricula silk. it's really a lovely spindle and smells amazing because of the vera wood, like frankincense and myrrh. i'm thinking of moving on to either some muga silk, or cashmere.

here is a photo of my ebony wood wrist distaff, alongside my kuchulu and jay spindles. the tools of labor and love.


  1. oh, oh! now I'm fuzzy with envy. Do you think I need a Jay spindle?? What does need have to do with anything?

  2. This is so cool. I have not seen actual yarn spinning tools before or heard of bison down. Thanks for sharing.

  3. jean- of course you need a jay/lark spindle! it's two different spins for the price of one! i wouldn't dare attempt to stop a fellow fiber enthusiast from acquiring another tool.

    joyce- there are many different types of drop spindles, this particular type is known as a turkish spindle. it creates a ball of yarn which is quite handy!