pj's are the ultimate comfort wear

entire days off spent at home are seldom this month; i seem to always have somewhere to be, and things to do in town. today, i remained at home in my pajamas and it was wonderful! i spun up some chunky alpaca, finished my drop spun muga, finally skeined some handspun wool which i made a couple of years ago, and watched a movie on tv (the musical nine-really awesome). ah, there's never enough time anymore. like my friend bonnie says,"you either have the time or the money, but never both."


  1. --and don't wait 'till you retire because I seem to have less time now than when I had 2 kids at home and a business to run!

  2. ha! i'll have to remember that. i've always thought it's better to get things done, and visit places when you're young; that way i have memories to think back on if they stick me in a home!