a foodies holiday

thanksgiving is a three day holiday. wednesday is for grocery shopping and baking pies. thursday is a day of cooking, table setting, gathering family around, eating, and washing dishes. friday revolves around shopping and creative interpretation of leftovers.

for this holiday, i decided to change our tried-and-true menu up a little. here's my take on the traditional:

tropical fruit salad

cranberry puff pastries
cracked wheat and butterbread stuffing

steamed asparagus
smoked gouda brussel sprouts
mashed squash and golden potatoes

heirloom rice salad with apples & cranberries

broiled sole with shallot butter

pumpkin pie topped with whipped cream

it all cooked up amazingly well! the pumpkin pie is one of the best ones i've had; the recipe called for sweetened condensed milk, ginger, cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg. i semi-baked the crust, then poured in the filling. the only food which was only ok, was the cranberry puff pastry; it needed cheese, brie or havarti, something to cut the tart nature of fresh cranberries. 

i'm thinking an oyster stuffed fish could be interesting and tasty next year. know any good recipes?


  1. This is a very interesting menu. I am having my family for Christmas Eve and I would like to have a simple-to-cook, tasty, different menu so your list of food is very inspiring.

  2. let me know if you would like any of the recipes, i can email them to you. the heirloom rice salad was really delicious; tart and tangy.

  3. beautiful table, love your choice of menu, creative- like everything you do, would appreciate the rice salad recipe, sounds like something my fussy grandchildren might eat.