a dress for the party

well, in my convalescence i was able to finish the dress i started a month ago. i'm really very thrilled, a lot of it was hand stitching, with some machine stitching along the skirt and waist connection. i was inspired when i saw the above photo in vogue a couple of months ago. the print reminded me of the nani iro coururiere fabric, and i thought "i can do this...but not this short".

surprisingly, it turned out just as i had imagined when i started. the sash is a piece that i made during metals casting, i used the lost wax method; it's of an ammonite. the ribbon is in one of my favorite colors, chartreuse. overall it's a very bright dress, i love it. i have a wedding to go to next summer and i'll wear this, as well as my birthday next month.


  1. this is perfection! I love it so so much.

  2. so beautiful I love these two colours together and the bodice is beautifully constructed wow.
    PS there is a little thankyou over my way

  3. thanks for the lovely comments! i wasn't sure about the belt until i put it on; i was thinking a sash would be good with this dress but i was thinking purples or blues, but this one goes perfect.

  4. Wow. You are incredible! Such a beautiful dress!


  5. thanks! it was easier than i thought to make it by using a corset i had to buy for a bridesmaid dress as the base.

    i hope to wear it to a holiday party soon. i'm not sure what color shoes to wear, i may end up wearing my light pink kitten heels. i wish i had more occasions to wear it.