hazardous duty

well, updates to etsy are going to be a little long in coming; hopefully by early next week. i've had a bit of a set back, physical in nature. i've seriously bruised my knee and may have broken my big toe. it figures that the first time in months that i've set foot in a mall something bad happens.

i had some unexpected free time yesterday and decided to look for moviestop, maybe get some $5 dvd's. i thought it would be by gamestop, and headed in that direction when one of those pesky kiosk people diverted my attention for one moment and i stepped in someones inconsiderately left liquid mess on the tile floor and crashed onto one knee severely twisting my big toe in the process.

i'm making it my fall resolution to never step foot inside a mall again, i hate malls, i never should have gone in the first place. plus, i'm getting a root canal and crown tomorrow morning. yea for local anesthesia! oh, and moviestop is in a strip next to the mall. blech.

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