looks like sorbet

i've started work on the dress that i bought the nani iro coururiere fabric for. the bodice is all pinned, i just need to pick up thread that matches the scrumptious salmon pink. it just so happens that i was also working on a cushion yesterday that could really use some of that fabric, so it kind of kick started my actions.

i made this one shorter, much more a long rectangle than the previous ones. this size is good, it's about 9.5" x 16". i'm really enjoying all of the linen material that i bought from variegated, the variety and differing thicknesses of the weave are incredibly nice.

the nani iro fabric is really very incredible, when you just have small sections of the greater piece all of the little details like the lace, dots, and hems are quite beautiful. the creative possibilities in this one print are numerous.


  1. tastes like sorbet too! such yummy work x

  2. hmm, i think nani iro fabric would be passion fruit sorbet (beautiful prints with an underlying punch of tartness), mango sorbet (smooth to the touch but with such gentle sweetness of flavor), and strawberry sorbet (always irresistibly cute). either way, i'm addicted.