make it work

i can never get a good photo of the dollhouse in its entirety; the angles get all wacky and you always lose one of the floors. so i made a collage combining nice shots of each room. it's a bit wonky and askew, but i like the results; it feels closer to how it is in reality.

hmm, if i added cobwebs, some bats in the attic, dark shadows, and toned down the colors a bit i could have a really cool haunted house for halloween. photoshop here i come!


  1. It looks like you did a good job with Photoshop. The collage looks great!

  2. thanks! i haven't a clue what i would do if i didn't have photoshop; without it i'm a pretty bad photographer.

  3. Absolutely Gorgeous. This is officially my favorite dollhouse and my biggest inspiration for my own. ...whenever I get to move a larger place that can actually hold one (drawback of big city living!).

    Is it electrified? I love the lighting you created.

  4. thanks! mine is currently occupying the top of a buffet chest my aunts gave me, so it's a little out of the way. i have a 12' x 14' living space, so it fits. barely.

    it isn't electrified, i'm not sure if it would be too much hassle, what with the wallpaper already up. the house is near a window, so i used a wardrobe mirror to reflect the sunlight into the house while i photographed it. a neat trick, but i do wish there was more light streaming in without the effort.