exercise? who, me?

it seems like everyone and their granny are exercising. we seem to be spending our whole lives talking of it, doing it, watching it; on tv, in the magazines, on the web. so many types of exercise are available to us, be it pilates, yoga, running, spinning, swimming, kickboxing, the list goes on and grows by the day as a new form is discovered or rediscovered.
is it any wonder that those of us that don't exercise are overwhelmed and exhausted by merely thinking of entering this realm? the mere thought of exercising sends my brain an image of a gerbil on a wheel; it's just incredibly boring. my mind is never into what my body is doing whenever i undertake the task of getting off my derriere and starting a program of physicality.
i know all of the literature as to why we should exercises; believe me, every magazine i opened since i started to read mentions it at least once. but all of the time and effort it takes to schedule, maintain, and set new goals feels like i'm tying a lead weight to my life and placing constraints on what i do. when i travel will they have the right facilities and space so that i can continue my workout plan? is it too much to carry my weights on the plane, along with all of my other workout paraphernalia? what if i fall behind? what if i just stop? will i be left with none of the muscles and strength that i worked so hard to acquire? it's like an addiction, the more you do it the more your body becomes accustomed to it and the higher, faster, and heavier you have to set your goals to even maintain what you have already done.
do i even want to go down that road? well, no. contrary to what half of america thinks, i will not join the exercise circus and i'll feel all the more better because i choose not to. will i not live as long or as well as those of my countrymen who do exercise? who knows. it's all in the genes baby.

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