southern portrayal

i love movies, that i don' t doubt. my favorites typically cover a full scope of genres; romance, fantasy, sci-fi, drama, comedy, and for the most part they are all of these wrapped up in a 2 hour bundle.
there is one group of movies that are what i call "southern". they're usually quirky, queer, have a touch of sadness and are full of strange ideas of justice; or maybe it's just how that judgement is carried out that is strange and oftentimes hysterical. there's something satisfying about watching these types of movies. below are a cut of my favorites ranking them from laughter to tears:

crazy in alabama
cookie's fortune
fried green tomatoes
to kill a mockingbird

i've been in the south for 8 years now, and i can't really say that i've had much personal experience that is at all similar to any of these movies. but maybe that south is out there and i just haven't discovered it yet.


  1. wonderful-very beautiful

  2. sunlight is very playful; it can make an item interesting, or completely overpower it.