from one book...

comes many stories. the story of alice and her fall into wonderland has taken many forms of entertainment in the visual arts. from so many creative minds a new story evolves, sometimes parallel to the original; phoebe in wonderland is a movie that is a little different for it uses the book as a metaphor. for this movie isn't about alice, nor of wonderland. this is about a child, unique in so many ways, and her path through her life; one that is at times as mad as that land through the looking glass, with it's strange ways and even stranger characters. but through the telling of alice we catch a glimpse of what is going wrong with phoebe and how those around her react, and ultimately learn to cope with her changing behavior.
i found this movie to be thoughtful in its telling, to be direct in its showing, and to be ultimately a realistic vehicle for a painful subject matter. but the movie is not without beauty, for you almost wish phoebes' world were real so that there were a place for her where it's okay again.

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