that's entertainment!

wherever would we be without movies? i'm pretty sure the majority of my generation grew up on them and though i'm not certain how much they were of influence to my everyday life, they sure did make my imagination sweeter.
i've been thinking over some of the films i want to see again. maybe they weren't as special as i remember, or maybe there are things i would get now that i'm older; but it sure would be good to revisit them. here's a short list (they're arranged from when i saw them, not when they were made) of some of my favorites that i would love to see again or have added to my library because i've seen them again and again:

the three lives of thomasina
bedknobs and broomsticks
return to oz
dot and keeto
seven brides for seven brothers
a christmas story

shirley valentine
the adventures of baron munchausen
paint your wagon
stalag 17
benny and joon
the 5th element
meet joe black

v for vendetta
kung fu hustle
the thin man
love actually
howl's moving castle
danny deckchair
spirited away
that touch of mink
marie antoinette

what are some of your remembered movies that you would love to see again?

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  1. Aaahhhh, you've listed some of my favourite films...and I was so excited when I found a double DVD of Labyrinth and The Dark Chrystal in my local supermarket on the weekend...so I've been catching up on these old favourites!

    The other one I have to go back to buy is The Princess Bride, have you seen it? If you like The Adventures of Baron Munchausen , then The Princess Bride is a little similar...and quite funny. Porko Rosso and Kiki's Delivery Service are by the same director as Howell's Moving Castle and Spirited Away and I love both of those also.

    One of my very favourite films ever is quite dark, Delicatessen by the same director as Le Destin Fabuleaux d'Amelie Poulin and City of Lost children...

    And cannot forget A Room with a View, the film by Merchant Ivory starring Helena Bonham-Carter.
    Also a childhood favourite was (and still is) The Man with One Red Shoe, starring Tom Hanks..love it, love it!

    In the Mood for Love, Eva, Opera Seats, The Holy Grail, Orlando, Popeye, Gallipoli, Breaker Morant and some other old Australian movies are all on my huge list too...there are too many to include!

    If I keep writing I'll sound like I did nothing but watch films for the better part of 35 years!!!

    I'm going to check out some of the films on your list I don't know about though...they sound really interesting.

    xxx Tara