a little collection

i've managed to cut down on the amount of shoes i own over the years. but there are still those that i can't part with; either because they're too pretty or because, who knows, one day i may actually wear them. some of the flats i do get quite some action from; but not so much in the summer when it's just hot, or i know that i'll be walking on cobblestones a lot. here's a snapshot of my girly shoes which excludes my birkenstock "entirely too comfy, but somehow still dowdy" shoes. oh, and i've got big feet, like grandma big, so the fact that i have this many pairs that fit is something.

and my favorite pair, aethstetically speaking, are these grey velvet platforms. they make my size 40 foot look like an itty bitty size 5. i've dubbed them my "ode to david bowie" shoes; one day i'll make a shelf for them and display them on the wall.

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